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Compliance - CP Overview

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'Fair Trade', 'Compliance'

LOTTE DATA COMMUNICATION complies with fair trade. We will constrantly improve ourselves in a right way with sound corporate philosophy.

What is CP(Compliance Program)

CP is the abbreviation for ‘Compliance Program’, which stands for the compliance system and codes of conduct for operating systems in accordance with the Fair Trade Act and other relevant regulations. The fundamentals of CP lie in deploying a prevention system to avoid any violation of the Fair Trade Act and complying with the codes of conduct.

LOTTE DATA COMMUNICATION has declared the Compliance Principles and has designated a team of experts concerning the compliance issues in July, 2014. Hereafter, we will put all our efforts into fostering the fair trading environment where all the trading regulations are obeyed by the effective operation of CP.

Background on the Introduction of CP

Externally, there are growing interests about fair competitions and internally, the compliance with relevant regulations are growing as one of the most important factors in corporate management than ever before.

Introduction of the CP will turn out as an integral part for actively accommodating these internal and external changes and achieving the goal of sustainable growth.

CP Organization

President Ceo
Compliance checkup
Approvals on major CP details
Compliance Manager
CP Management
Compliance Office
Compliance executives
Request on inter-division cooperation
Compliance officer for each division
Spreading the code of conduct
Detecting any issues in each division

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