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A creative partner which takes you to the IT paradise, LOTTE DATA COMMUNICATIPN is a service company which leads the global IT business with our accumulated expertise


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LOTTE DATA COMMUNICATION history and journey

We are preparing the change ahead to lead value creating in the future based on our accumulated knowledge and experience in IT field.


  • Listed on the securities market
  • Awarded grand Prize at Korea SW Industry Competitiveness


  • Split-Off Company and establishment of 'LOTTE DATA COMMUNICATION COMPANY'
  • Signed MOU with KAKAO for messenger and platform business cooperation
  • Business cooperation MOU with SPLUNK, security control, IoT and Big Data
  • Signed MOU with BLOCKO for business cooperation with block chain
  • Obtained the recognition of excellent fire safety company
  • Establishment and opening of Smart convenience store IT infrastructure (Hand Pay)
  • Signed a partnership with Oracle Korea for Cloud business
  • Signed MOU with Fintrax group for tax refund business
  • Awarded the prime minister's commendation in the field of equality of men and women


  • Signed MOU with Fusiondata for virtualization business
  • Declared the 3rd Vision(Design the Future, Enjoy New Experience)
  • Awarded 'Minister of Science, ICT and Future Planning Award' at Korea SW Industry Competitiveness
  • Launched LOTTE Mobile Gift service
  • Awarded 'grand prize in 10 segments' at the 2016 Web Award & Smart App Award
  • Launched tax refund business
  • Obtained the order of network construction project for the Gyeonggi-do Fire Services


  • Awarded 'Minister prize of Public Safety and Security' at Korea Safety Award
  • Awarded 'grand prize in 7 segments' at the 2015 Web Award & Smart App Award
  • Built IBC(International Broadcasting Center) for Military World Games in Mungyeong
  • Signed MOU with CISCO for Cloud business


  • Obtained the order of the equipment construction project for the secondary
    behind-the-port road at the Busan new port
  • Obtained the order of the improvement project of Korea Joint Command & Communication
    System(KJCCS) for the Defense Acquisition Program Administration
  • Signed contract for sole agency with NCerti
  • Certified in the International Standard Energy Management System ISO50001
  • Obtained the order of Integrated maintenance project
    for the Korea Transportation Safety Authority
  • Obtained the order of management support project for the IT system
    of the National Computing and Information Agency
  • Signed MOU with AXGATE


  • Certified in Green Data Center
  • Signed contract for sole agency with MS Surface
  • Developed CRM for the Korean Teachers' Credit Union
  • Registered as the business operator on Intelligent Power Grid Service
  • Singed MOU with TmaxSoft
  • Signed MOU with Korea Information Technology Research Institute
  • Signed MOU with RSupport
  • Registered as the energy diagnosis specialized institute


  • Certified in CMMI Lv.3
  • Signed a contract for sole agency with Motorola two-way radio
  • Signed MOU with ETRI
  • Signed MOU with Korea Univ. graduate school of information security and Happy-maru
  • Awarded Energy Winner Prize by Consumers Korea
  • Registered as an environmental consulting company


  • Signed MOU with JDC(Jeju free international city Development Center)
  • Declared the 2nd Vision(Value Innovation)
  • Registered as Security & Control specialized business
  • Acquired Hyundai Information Technology Co., Ltd.


  • Began construction of Disaster Recovery Center in Daejeon
  • Registered as Energy Service COmpany(ESCO)
  • Developed the payment information system
    for National Pension Service
  • Established HanPaysis Co., Ltd. (Gwangju u-Payment corporate)
  • Implemented maintenance of computerized information system
    for the Seoul Emergency Operations Center 119


  • Implemented network separation for a nuclear power plant
  • Developed the u-City at Seongnam Pankyo area
  • Launched LED business(FIDES)
  • LOTTE Group Data Center certified in ISO/IEC20000


  • Developed the MD/ERP system for LOTTE Mart in China and Vietnam
  • LOTTE Group Data Center certified to ISO 27001/ISM
  • Certified in an information security consulting firm (launched security consulting business)
    by Ministry of Knowledge Economy


  • Opened LOTTE Group integrated information center
  • Opened LOTTE Group portal site m.MOIN
  • Opened LOTTE Card new integrated system
  • Developed the Disaster Recovery System(DRS) for the LOTTE Shopping


  • Declared the 1st Vision(THE BEST VALUE PARTNER)
  • Implemented demo business of RFID with Ministry of
    Information and Communication(LOTTE Mart Future Store)
  • Signed MOU with Korea University for Industrial-Academic Partnership


  • The winner of the 1st prize at the Seoul Quality-management Competition
    (financing system for the LOTTE Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.)
  • Launched RFID research group
  • Began construction of LOTTE Group Data Center
  • Launched the cash receipt business


  • Merged with LOTTE Electronics, Capital increase($3.57 million)
  • Developed the finance solution F1 Plus, Developed MOIN V2


  • Opened LOTTE Digital School
  • Developed an integrated information system for Ho Nam Refinery, LOTTE Foods and LOTTE Card
  • Developed POS for the entire branches of LOTTE Hotel


  • Developed and launched MOIN solution
  • Launched LCN(LOTTE Commerce Net) business
  • Established the IT Research Center


  • Launched the public certification for electronic tax invoice
  • Developed the finance/purchase system for LOTTE Shopping
  • Developed the cyber campus for the LOTTE Training Institute


  • Developed the duty-free store system for the 1st and 2nd Incheon International Airport Bldg
  • Developed the ISP/BPR for LOTTE subsidiaries
    (Fuji Film, Honam Petrochemical and Chilseong, etc.)


  • Developed an information system for LOTTE subsidiaries
    (LOTTE Confectionery, LOTTE Hotel and Lotte Ria)
  • Developed the ERP for LOTTE Confectionery


  • Integrated human resources regarding computer science over LOTTE Group,
    Launched the SM business
  • Launched the special category telecommunications business



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