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A creative partner which takes you to the IT paradise, LOTTE DATA COMMUNICATIPN is a service company which leads the global IT business with our accumulated expertise

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Ethical management,Win-win management!

We pursue the win-win management to achieve mutual growth with our partners on the basis of our ethical management principles. We promise our best effort to establish advanced usiness environment and foster desirable market structure in SI industry

Respect for customers

To practice customer-oriented services to present our customers impressions beyond satisfaction

  • Introduction of monitoring systems to guarantee the best quality of telephone services
  • Oath-taking ceremony of ethics
  • Distribution of ethical guidlines
  • Ethics charter

Culture of respecting employees

To invigorate vibrant corporate culture to boost employee morale

  • Book Crossing
  • Musical admission fee support
  • Club activities support

Win-Win Management

To focus on synergy effect with partners through fair trade

  • Regular arrangement of special events to meet partner company
  • Campaign for anti-corruption corporate culture
  • Mandatory business ethics curriculum
  • Partner’s day

Coexistence and co-prosperity with society

To assume social responsibility of a corporation and contribute to the development of local community by socially meaningful contribution projects

  • Supports for patients with incurable diseases, arrangement of blood donation
  • Environmental cleanup campaign
  • Picnic supports for the disabled

Management transparency

management conditions open to public and pursuit of management transparency through mutual communications among interest groups including our customers

  • Conservative accounting
  • Regular audit system
  • Board of directors report
  • Filing periodic disclosure, timely disclosure, fair disclosure

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